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The past few months have been like no other time at RuminariLive Arts. We've provided over 820 people with programming in the arts and helped Canadian actors in film and TV who were left without jobs and support during the industry strikes. We've organized workshops to help with career resilience in times of adversity as well as introducing theatre arts to a whole new generation of young actors.  And all this is in the throes of losing our space.

We do this because it's empowering to serve as a source of support and hope for Beaumont and the arts community. This transformative power comes from our donors and champions. Your warmth and generosity are the driving force behind the impact of our work.


We are the only performance-dedicated space in Beaumont.  We are trying to build a new studio theatre in the downtown core, your donation will help assure that the arts in Beaumont are here to stay.   Please donate what you can.

Donate to Ruminarilive Arts

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