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Welcome to RuminariLive Arts!

RuminariLive is a multipurpose space that stimulates and enhances artistic, cultural, and economic activities. We create stimulating and intellectually provocative artistic work that draws upon and enriches the diversity of our region. Through development and collaborations with artists and audiences, our facility focuses on original artworks and artists.

We provide an inclusive arts space that offers alternative experiences for both local groups and touring professionals.

We offer:

  • Classes: Drama, Stage Combat, Comedy, Crafts, Visual Arts + More
  • Galleries: Fine Art, Design, Fashion
  • Events:  Productions, Celebrations, Meetings, Holidays

Come experience all that RuminariLive has to offer!

Discovery Through Expression & Participation


Our values are the memories, stories, ideas and beliefs that we want to tell our children and the world.


Our vibe is the creative energy that spills out into the public squares and sidewalks from our space.


Our virtuosity is in all of us, seeking excellence in various modes of creative and artistic expression.



We follow five fundamental guiding principles at all times:

  • Passion and Professionalism
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
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