We're expecting a great year of summer fun, with our camp programs in Beaumont.  

Our goal is to build skills and confidence, create special camp memories, and ensure that each of our campers has an inspiring and enriching camp week. 



HALF DAY 9-12:00 - JULY 6-10th 

Ages:  6-18


These highly creative and imaginative scenes will produce out-of-this-world laughs for both actors and audience!  The scenes will includes original stories as well as spoofs of popular movies, books, and television shows.   Get ready for a  laugh-out-loud Camp! Our  focus is on important acting skills such as comedic timing, pantomime, using accents, and physical characterization. 

Scripts Written by Jan Peterson


HALF DAY 1-3:30 - JULY 6-10th 

Ages:  8-15


   Campers will create a storyboard and develop a black and white or color comic book based on an original characters in incredible situations! They will learn how to tell fantastic stories with pictures,

while learning about form, perspective, and proportion. Each camper will produce their own comic! Families and friends will enjoy an exhibition of student work on the last day.


FULL DAY 9-3:30 - JULY 13-17th

Ages: 12-18 


In the Theatre, Moment Work is a method of writing performance, where small pieces of theatrical moments are discovered and then sequenced together to create a play. The goal is not to think about what should be performed, but what could be performed. By the end of the week, campers will create and rehearse their devised works inspired by a piece of text, and present these for family and friends.


FULL DAY 9-3:30 - JULY 20-24th

Ages: 8-15


Create your very own puppet world! This camp is specially designed to foster your child’s growing imagination while developing crucial abilities such as language development and fine motor skills. It’s a week filled with so much fun, they won’t even know they’re learning!

It’s a great way for your child to foster their creativity and vital skills!


FULL DAY 9-3:30 - JULY 27-31st

Ages:  13-18 


Our Creative Writing camp will have

immersive workshops in fiction,

creative nonfiction and poetry! 

You will learn how to piece together rich literary works by working on important aspects of storytelling. Included are workshops and engaging literary outings. Guided by an experienced instructor, hone your craft in a collaborative environment. This creative writing camp lets young writers form friendships that can last a lifetime.


FULL DAY 9-3:30 - AUG 3-7th

Ages:  13-18


This is a beginner/intermediate makeup camp no previous experience necessary! Find out how to create realistic and believable trauma makeup for TV and film, including cuts and bruises, black eyes and burns, as well as how to maintain special effects make-up on set for the duration of filming.  We will look at an overview of the human facial muscle structure and skull and how that lends to realism in this art form. Discover wax prosthetics, aging makeup, and more! We will be doing a photo gallery at the end of the week!


FULL DAY 9-3:30 - AUG 10-14th

Ages: 8-15


Campers combine the afternoon "Set Creation" camp with a morning "Storytellers got Game!"camp. During this week you will use a variety of art forms and materials. You will be encouraged to develop new skills and building confidence in creative expression. We will be making back drops, creating props and putting it all together in a way that amazes our audience! Come for the acting, stay for the art!


HALF DAY 9-12 - AUG 17-21st

Ages: 6-12


Play goofy improv games that safely develop stage presence and discover how to find your own theatrical voice. We will be doing exercises that can help illustrate new ways to solve problems through teamwork, through support and acceptance. On the last day we will be showing off to family and friends what we learned in a cool event that we created ourselves!!

Our Amazing Summer Camp Staff

Hunter Gates, Director

Program Director:

Icebreakers to Improv

Sci-Fi & Monster Dreams

Hunter began her theatrical career at The Just fo​r Laughs festival in Montreal. Her intensive study in physical theatre with a focus on Commedia dell'arte, masks, stage combat and theatrical movement, brought her to get her PHD in Theatre Philosophy. After opening her Toronto school, she came West to teach at the Faculte St. Jean in Edmonton in 2001. She has been a program director at Centauri Summer Arts Camp for 17 years. Hunter works internationally on Indie film, as a stunt coordinator, with a group of humanitarian clowns, and is so very happy to call Beaumont home.

James Tarrant

Program Director​:

Puppetry Playground

Comic Book Creation

James holds a BA in Painting with a minor in Drawing from Alberta University of Arts. James has worked in the Physical Theatre world for over two decades and bri​ngs a true eye to original works presentation. Through his puppetry camp, kids

learn to overcome stage fright and develop confidence with a new sense of vocal skill. Players will learn to express their character and style through our Live and In Color puppet group, He is really excited to be teaching these programs and is looking forward to an amazing summer.

Jennifer Townsend

Program Director:

Just a Moment

Set & Scene

Born and bred in Fort McMurray, Jennifer graduated from Keyano College with a diploma in performance. She received a BFA in Performance Creation from Concordia University in Montreal. There, she worked as an educator of young artists with Geordie Theatre. In the past, she has worked as a Program Coordinator and Assistant Director for Theatre; Just Because in Fort McMurray, and her directorial debut landed her the outstanding director award in the ADFA Regional One-Act Festival. She is happy to be back on Alberta soil, and excited and honoured to be part of RuminariLive!


Program Director:

Creative Writing

TV & Film Make-up

Emily is a writer and editor based in Montreal, Canada.  A graduate from Concordia University with a degree in English Literature, they have a deep love for prose, poetry, and drama.  Emily also has 4 years' experience in working with and teaching young people aged 8-18.  Emily has also completed the Advanced makeup Artistry & Special Effect program at Ryerson and has worked as a key make up artist for several short films as well as a feature film with Quebecois director, Jimmy Larouche.  They are currently taking a publishing program at Ryerson University in order to edit fiction full-time in the future.  There are so many incredible stories to be told and it's Emily's personal goal in life to aid others in telling them.

Sarah Munchrath

Theatre Assistant

Sarah is from Beaumont and is in her first year of University at Augustana Campus,

UofA.  It is through her University experience that Sarah has fallen deeper in love with theatre performance. She is focussing her studies toward the dramatic arts and has had several opportunities to develop her craft. Recently, she partook in the winder production, the Wind and the Willows, at the Peter Lougheed Arts Centre. Sarah is a competitive highland dancer and has been dancing for close to a decade. Sarah has been working at the Camrose Women’s Shelter with the youth who attend school there, and is looking forward to camp starting.​






 Limited Spaces 

(6 campers per session)

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Frequently​ Asked Questions For Summer Camp

What Will my child do at camp?

 Each day of camp is jam-packed! 

 Campers and staff will spend time on their 

feet engaging in theatre games and

explorations. Our half-day and full-day 

week-long camps feature program 

directors that are professional 

actors, artists, and designers! 

There is a final day show

for family and friends at

the end of every week.

What should I pack for my child?

Half-Day campers: A nut-free snack

Full-Day campers: Two snacks and a nut-free lunch

Are there refunds on camp?

We do not offer refunds on summer camp.

How many campers are allowed to attend?

We have a 6 camper limit during Covid-19 phase one.  Each camper will have two quilt-cotton masks provided by the studio.  Distribution and Information on care will be forwarded to parents before the start of camp.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.